Beyond Group Work Camp: A bridge to symposia and conference participation via professional presentations


  • Shirley R Simon Loyola University Chicago



Abstract: The purpose of this paper is twofold - to describe a Group Work Camp workshop that facilitates continued professional involvement beyond the camp experience, and to share the information offered in this session. The workshop provides information about developing peer-reviewed presentations for professional association conferences and addresses the benefits of such presentations. It identifies different presentation formats and describes the abstract preparation, submission and review processes. It addresses the dissemination of supplemental material related to the presentation. Detailed recommendations for navigating the preparation and presentation processes are shared with the hope of easing anxieties for new presenters. By scheduling the workshop near the conclusion of camp, it builds upon the group experience to facilitate continued involvement with the association and its activities. It provides a bridge and a method for further professional groupwork engagement and outlines a path for post-camp connections.

Keywords: Group Work Camp; groupwork; International Association for Social Work with Groups (IASWG); professional associations; conference abstract; poster and paper presentations.

Author Biography

Shirley R Simon, Loyola University Chicago

Associate Professor


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Simon, S. R. (2017). Beyond Group Work Camp: A bridge to symposia and conference participation via professional presentations. Groupwork, 26(3), 75-90.



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