An Application of CHAT Analysis to a Community-Based Action Team


  • Willa Casstevens Buena Vista University
  • Kim Stansbury North Carolina State University



racial equity, ccommunity action group, social justice, CHAT, groupwork, group work


This study applies cultural historical activity theory (CHAT) to a community-based racial equity and social justice action group in the American South. The community action group is referred to as a “team” by participants and by its host community. The CHAT framework applied incorporates Vygotsky’s mediated action triangle and holds that learning can occur within any activity system. Using CHAT, it is possible to clarify points of tension that occurred within the action team during the community-based team’s first year of development. Reflecting on points of tension within the CHAT framework supported appropriate modifications to the team’s development. This application of the CHAT framework demonstrates ways CHAT could be applied to support leadership assessment and constructive follow-up on areas of tension in a community group, thereby contributing to group maintenance and ongoing well-being.

Keywords: community action group, racial equity, social justice, CHAT

Author Biographies

Willa Casstevens, Buena Vista University

Social Work Program

Kim Stansbury, North Carolina State University

School of Social Work




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Casstevens, W., & Stansbury, K. (2023). An Application of CHAT Analysis to a Community-Based Action Team. Groupwork, 30(2), 6-19.