The value of peer support and a strengths-based approach in a groupwork programme for fathers in a family support setting


  • Hilary Jenkinson University College Cork



This paper seeks to share and critically explore the learning gained through the genesis, realisation, and facilitation process of Just for Dads, a groupwork programme for fathers, run in a family support setting. It highlights the importance of and challenges involved in engaging men in practice, and in groupwork aimed at fathers in particular. It recounts the significance of using a strengths perspective as a framework for engaging fathers in groupwork and highlights its value as experienced by participants and facilitators. The dynamic of peer learning which developed as a key part of the groupwork process is discussed, both in relation to how it was experienced by participants and also the degree to which the facilitators were part of that dynamic. Overall the paper aims to document and air key issues arising in this relatively unexplored arena of groupwork and family support practice.

Author Biography

Hilary Jenkinson, University College Cork

Lecturer, School of Applied Social Studies, University College Cork, Ireland / Facilitator, Just for Dads programme


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