• Social Work and Social Sciences Review

    Social Work and Social Sciences Review sets out to reinforce and expand the links between social work practice and the various social science disciplines which inform it. The Editors welcome articles and proposals from any area in the social sciences, particularly with relevance to the development of social work knowledge
  • Groupwork

    Groupwork is a fully refereed interdisciplinary journal dedicated to promoting work with groups where interpersonal perspectives are of special interest. Health and mental health, criminal justice, social work and welfare, youth work and various forms of adult education and community development all naturally fall within this sphere.
  • Journal of Social Policy and Social Work in Transition

    Social Policy and Social Work in Transition is now published by Whiting and Birch Ltd, having previously been funded by the EU-Tempus programme. Under a co-ownership arrangement, Tbilisi State University and Whiting and Birch Ltd now, together, produce and own the journal. The founding universities continue to have places on the Board and be involved in the development of the journal.



  • The Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning

    The Journal covers all aspects of practice teaching ('field education') in workplace settings in health, nursing, social work and social care and related fields. It also considers the changing policy context. Material is practically relevant to what trainers, managers and workers actually do. A main theme is the effectiveness of training and education as preparation for work.