Call for papers: Child welfare in Africa


Call for papers for a special issue of Social Work & Social Sciences Review 
Supporting children with child welfare concerns in Africa: Involving formal and informal systems
We understand the priority that African countries afford to their political-economy, especially at this time of building back after the pandemic. However, we believe that social welfare, especially the welfare of the continent’s children, is equally important. It is unclear what the agenda for the welfare of the African child is, and where we have seen good policies on paper, we barely see visible commensurate progress. 
Overall, we want to know how best the large number of African children in need can be supported and nurtured through a combination of formal (welfarist) and informal (family and local community) structures. 
Call for papers 
We seek contributions for this special issue which are related to empirical research on child welfare in Africa. Systematic reviews are also welcome. 
Topics include (but are not limited to)
•    Children with welfare needs in contexts such as out of home care, foster care, or kinship care
•    The nature and extent of child welfare challenges for children and families in low-resource settings;
•    Formal and informal interventions to promote positive welfare outcomes for children
•    Approaches to address the needs of children with child welfare concerns;
•    Cost-effective ways of working with children and families
•    Practical solutions that are feasible in under-staffed and low-resourced settings
•    Policy implementation to mitigate challenges that undermine children’s positive welfare outcomes
•    Child mental health and wellbeing
•    Studies of children not in contact with the child welfare system.
The special issue will be edited by
Ebenezer CUDJOE, PhD Candidate, Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, City University of Hong Kong
Prince AGWU, Department of Social Work, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria
Marcus Yu Lung CHIU, Visiting Professor, School of Health & Wellbeing, University of Bolton, UK
By May 31st 2022 A 300-word abstract should be submitted covering the title, authors, focus and main points of the article. Abstracts should be sent to Jane McLaughlin, Editorial Support:
By June 21st 2022 Notification of accepted abstracts 
By September 21st 2022 Submission of full papers for review 
By December 31st 2022 Final manuscripts of accepted papers to be submitted 
January 2023 Special Issue Published.

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