A strengths perspective on supervision of social workers

Lambert Engelbrecht


Abstract:The growing discourse on neoliberal ideas and the resulting new public management measures have an immense impact on the management and leadership models employed at social welfare organisations all over the world; and call for a critical theory beyond a deficits approach as an interpretative framework. In response, this article propounds a strengths perspective on supervision of social workers, which is a key element in a social development approach to social practice, and which also finds common ground with supervision in other contexts. The South African welfare context is presented as a best practice vignette of a strengths perspective on supervision employed at a welfare organisation. It is concluded that a strengths perspective has transformational potential; and as a proactive response to neoliberal global and local market demands, compels managers to employ strengths-based interpretative frameworks for assessments and personal development plans of those they supervise in order to develop a facilitative alternative management paradigm.


<i>strengths perspective</i>;<i>social work practice</i>;<i>management</i>;<i>supervision</i>;<i>social development</i>

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1921/swssr.v14i1.483


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