Service Learning Model Development in Medical Education


  • Yura Kim
  • Won Kyun Park
  • hye-jin Park Eulji University School of Medicine


Many medical schools provide curricular or extra-curricular courses focused on service activities for social responsibility. Research on service learning varies from theory to teaching model, but research on service learning in medical education is difficult to find. Therefore, this study aims at developing a program that combines a medical educational curriculum and service activities. For the development of a service learning model in medical education, this study adopted Design Based Research method as a research method and developed a service learning model in medical education by analyzing problems in educational settings (2014-2017), reviewing literature, and going through a total of three formative cycles. As a result of applying the first Service Learning Model in Medical Education developed through literature analysis to the school field three cycles and revising it, we developed a final Service Learning Model in Medical Education with preparation, orientation, implementation, reflection, celebration, and evaluation s stages. The feelings of reward, interest, and satisfaction levels of the student’s analysis results showed continuously increased. In particular, the students showed higher levels of feelings of reward, interest and satisfaction in the final SL-ME model applied in 2017 than in the first SL-ME model applied in 2014. This study is significant in that it outlines the concepts, necessity, and instructional model of service learning necessary for the operation of service-related programs in medical education.

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hye-jin Park, Eulji University School of Medicine

): Hye Jin Park, Won Kyun Park, Yura Kim

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