Long arm approaches to practice supervision for non-medical professions

A scoping review





Interprofessional education; student placements; supervision; long-arm; scoping review


In 2021, a feasibility study was conducted at the University of (identifier) called ‘(identifier)’, which responded to Health Education England’s (HEE) Enabling Effective Learning Environments (EELE) project call to develop more interdisciplinary practice education placements. One of the most significant barriers faced in this study was sourcing the appropriate long-arm (or off-site) supervision requirements for students, which highlighted an urgent need to review the long-arm supervisory models utilised in different professions across health and social care. Currently, no literature reviews have brought together work on this important topic, despite long arm practice supervision (LAPS) being an increasingly popular method of student supervision in efforts to increase placement capacity. To respond to this, we have conducted a scoping review with the aim of synthesising the work that has been undertaken on LAPS and identifying the gaps in order to better understand the issue.

Author Biography

Siobhan Kelly, The University of Salford

Siobhan Kelly is a Research Assistant and PhD Candidate in the Department of Health and Society. 


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