Engaging students in practice learning through a model of group supervision


  • Jayne Howie
  • Jill MacSporran




Practice learning, group supervision, focused activities


Group learning is established as a productive way to educate and socialise social work students. The University of the West of Scotland has developed a small scale practice learning centre and a model of group supervision, to assist our students in assessed practice. This paper examines this method of learning, the students’ experience and their perceptions.

Our evaluation confirms that when group management processes are employed and students are involved in focused activities, this is a productive method of learning. Group supervision encourages students to think analytically, developing competence and confidence, and provides opportunity for an exchange of ideas which develop reflective skills.

Central to success is a programme which fits with the students’ stage of learning and practice teachers who attend to the learning environment, group process and dynamics. Providing these characteristics are in place and when used along with individual supervision, group supervision can offer students a richer learning environment.


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