Evaluating a conference based approach to interprofessional education (IPE) for pre-registration students.


  • Fiona Cust Staffordshire University http://orcid.org/0000-0003-4857-0806
  • Louisa Alderson Staffordshire University.
  • Christine Cartwright Staffordshire University.




Child and Adolescent mental health have been on the forefront of the health and political agenda for several years.  There has been an increasing demand from child and mental health undergraduate students to deliver more specifically focused education around child and young people’s mental health.  In direct response to this an interprofessional education (IPE) conference was devised.  

A small planning group, which included child and mental health academic lecturers, organised the interprofessional education conference (IPE) and invited key speakers and services users to present.  The planning group were keen to evaluate the benefits of a shared event via IPE and therefore a questionnaire was designed and distributed to the attendees. 

An action research methodology approach was adopted, which allows for reflection on the process and seeks to identify improvements for practice.  The questionnaires were analysed using a constant comparative method and a thematic analysis approach was utilised.   A number of key themes were identified, and these are discussed within the paper.  The planning group met following the conference to reflect on the outcomes and feedback and consider future implications for IPE. 

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive from all fields of students, and unanimously agreed that IPE should be a strong component within undergraduate nurse training. 


Author Biographies

Fiona Cust, Staffordshire University

Senior Lecturer in Children's Nursing

Louisa Alderson, Staffordshire University.

Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing.

Christine Cartwright, Staffordshire University.

Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing.



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