From selection to registration, and beyond: Supporting the student diagnostic radiographer in becoming a compassionate professional.


  • Hollie Hadwen University of Suffolk
  • Jane Harvey-Lloyd University of Suffolk
  • Ruth Mary Strudwick University of Suffolk



The National Health Service (NHS) Constitution aims to safeguard the underpinning principles and values of the NHS. Whilst employers are obligated to recruit staff whose values and behaviours align with those of the Constitution, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are also expected to select students who demonstrate an understanding of those values and behaviours and potential to use them with their working practices. From the point of selection, HEIs assume a pivotal role in promoting and embedding those values and behaviours into curricula, and thus supporting individuals in the transition from student to professional.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss how values-based practice has been embedded in undergraduate radiography education at our HEI. It describes how the HEI utilises values-based recruitment and selection processes, and explores the strategies employed to develop that foundation prior to entering practice placement. Key issues will be discussed including the importance of acknowledging and valuing the early experiences of students prior to being socialised into the established culture of the diagnostic imaging department

The role of the lecturer in supporting the transition from student to compassionate professional cannot be underestimated. This is multi-faceted and acting as a professional role model to students is an essential part of this whilst helping students to develop their own professional development throughout the course. 

Author Biographies

Hollie Hadwen, University of Suffolk

Lecturer, School of Health & Sports Sciences

Jane Harvey-Lloyd, University of Suffolk

Associate Professor, School of Health & Sports Sciences

Ruth Mary Strudwick, University of Suffolk

Associate Professor, School of Health & Sports Sciences


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Hadwen, H., Harvey-Lloyd, J., & Strudwick, R. M. (2020). From selection to registration, and beyond: Supporting the student diagnostic radiographer in becoming a compassionate professional. The Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning, 17(2), 78-90.